Go Fly A Kite. You Might Learn Something..

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I need to stop airing my dirty laundry on social networks.





i want sex now

not until you’ve finished your broccoli



by gypsy_inspired
dumbledore: sit down you little fucks i ain't done yet
dumbledore: to hermione granger thank fuck you read books or else these two dipshits would be dead by now here have 50 points or something
dumbledore: to ron weasley for being an awesome chess player here bro let's fist bump you a little smart ginger 50 points for you too
dumbledore: next for harry potter cuz i know i'm only breeding you to die and i feel bad bro here have 50 points sorry about your shitty life xoxo
dumbledore: and neville here have like 10 points cause i hate slytherin and i need an excuse for gryffindor to win okay dumbledore out